10 Popular Uses for Offset Printing in Houston

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Offset printing in Houston is also known as offset lithography.

This type of printing in Houston is the preferred method for bulk printing due to its cost saving.

Your desired inked image is first printed on a printing plate and later transferred to a paper or other printing material. This type of printing method is efficient and very fast. The printing plate is able to print on other materials  like cloth, metal, wood, rough paper and leather printing.

Some of the offset printing application in Houston are:

1. Newspapers Printing

The speed of offset printing allows the production of large volume of newspapers in Houston.

Due to the huge size of the traditional press printer, it is designed to print thousands of newspapers at a time. Since it is such a large press machine, it is not cost-effective to print less than 300 copies.

Most of the time, these newspaper publication company in Houston would not bother printing less than 1,000 at a time.

2. Books Printing in Houston

The entire publishing and printing business in Houston is almost driven by the printing of books. They are the source of knowledge for a lot of people. Thanks to offset printing, it makes printing books unique in an affordable way in Houston.

Offset printing in Houston is best suited for large print runs (1,000+ copies) for massive savings.  The ink is transferred from a metal printing plate onto a rubber sheet and then rolled onto paper being fed through a press. This allows reuse of the ink rather than applying new ink on every printing round.

3. Business Forms

Most businesses with a physical location in Houston still require hardcopy papers to conduct their daily operation. If you are using documents with standard template, offset printing is a must for you.

You will find the bulk printing benefit a convenient and cost-saving option. Offset printing in Houston is a must for large printing jobs.

The same applies to marketing and promotional materials.

4. Business Cards for Houston companies

Almost every business needs to print business cards for their employees . Therefore costs might be the main concern .

Offset printer in Houston offers a clean, crisp lines on your business cards. This of course makes your business cards look outstanding vs others.

The printing in Houston is also fast and inexpensive. The more your print, the cheaper the price. To get the best buck, you need to print a minimum quantity of 200.

5. Catalogs

Offset printer in Houston can provide the high quality, fast turnaround catalogs in short and bulk runs for great saving.

This option is best for Houston restaurant menu, service, product listing, directories or your brand catalog.

6. Flyers and Brochures in Houston

Printing flyers and brochures are great match with the capabilities of Offset Printing in Houston. You usually print them in tens of thousands and it can get expensive with other forms of printing options. Offset printers in Houston offer great speed, production cost saving and still great quality images.

You can even say marketing flyers and brochures would not exist if not for offset lithography printer which offers all the mentioned benefits.

7. Envelopes

Envelopes are another type of popular products created by offset printer in Houston.

The common printed envelopes in Houston are Announcement envelopes, Business envelopes, Card envelopes, Clasp envelopes, Invitation envelopes, Jumbo envelopes, Self-seal envelopes, Wedding envelopes, Window envelopes.

8. Letterheads in Houston

A companion to your envelope and probably more in numbers and thus the need to be calculative in savings.  Again the massive savings come in handy when using offset printer in Houston.

The common letterhead options are 8.5 in. x 11 in, 8.5 in. x 14 in, full-color , two-color or one-color. The black-and-white letterhead are usually for faxes, while the colorful ones are for sales letters and business correspondence in Houston.

9.Greeting Cards with your Brand

And lastly, businesses in Houston love to send greeting cards to their partners and customers.

The printing process is a 4-color process ink technology on 12pt C1S (Coated 1 side) paper. This type of paper is coated on one side and uncoated on the other, a very common greeting card stock. It is then scored, die cut and delivered.

10. Other popular products with Offset Printing in Houston

Below is the compiled list of the common products printed by offset printing in Houston.

Most popular products in Houston:

Brochures / Flyers
Business Cards
Greeting Cards
Labels – Cut Sheet
Presentation Folders

More popular products in Houston:

Brochures w/ Free Folding
Brochures w/ Mailing
Business Cards w/ Free Shipping
CD Inlays w/ Perf
CD Inserts
Club Flyers
Door Hangers
DVD Inserts
DVD/CD Mailers
Fold-Over Business Cards
Hang Tags
Postcards w/ Mailing
Rack Cards
Small Flyers
Tear Cards
Trading Cards

Most of the businesses from Houston love offset printing because it offers a great deal of detail, high consistency of color and yet offers massive savings vs digital printing. Do bear in mind though you need to print a minimum of a thousand pieces to enjoy the cost benefits.

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