3 Printing News for Jericho, New York in August 2022

01/09/2022   |   by admin

printing news in august 2022

If you’re in the print industry, you can benefit from subscriptions to WhatTheyThink Printing News. Published since 1928, the publication focuses on improving the productivity, sales, and profits of print shops through cutting-edge techniques and the latest products and services. Topics covered in the print news include management, wide-format printers, publishing, outdoor advertising, and more. In addition to its content on print shop technology, WhatTheyThink is also a great resource for visual artists.

Prices of newsprint

According to the Financial Times, prices of newsprint in the UK will rise at the fastest rate in thirty years. This is because energy costs have risen. With just one newsprint mill in the country, the UK relies on imports from Scandinavia and Canada. Since January, the price of newsprint in the UK has risen by around 80 percent. But, prices will rise even further. The resulting squeeze on the market is already having a profound impact.

As newsprint prices continue to skyrocket, publishers in the UK are preparing for a possible supply shortage and cutting content. They are lobbying the government for tax credits to cover the loss of ad revenue. They are also drawing up disaster-proof plans to cope with the looming shortage. The future of print media is at stake. This is why it is crucial for governments to act now. A recent study found that the shortage of newsprint could result in the closure of many newspapers and publications.

The price hikes in newsprint are forcing some publishers to cut back on their production. Depending on the size of the paper, the price increase can total over a million dollars in the next two years. As a result, prices are likely to rise across the industry. But, it is not clear how much the increase will affect individual newspapers. While price increases are not as severe across the industry, they will undoubtedly impact print and magazine prices.

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WhatTheyThink, a publication of the WhatTheyThink magazine, has been a trusted resource for the commercial printing and visual arts industry since 1928. It covers topics from production operations and management to wide-format printers and outdoor advertising. Its goal is to increase the efficiency of print shops and increase sales and profits. It is written by industry experts and has been translated into several languages. It’s also available online.

Plans to cut Saturdays in print

The move by Gannett to cut Saturdays from print is not the first move to make the news industry go digital. In recent years, the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, for example, has trimmed home delivery to just three days a week, while the Tampa Bay Times has trimmed its printing to twice a week. Other newspapers have cut or eliminated the daily printed edition altogether. In recent years, there have been a rash of newspaper closures.https://www.youtube.com/embed/tSDkff8CmN8