Benefits of Digital Printing in New Rochelle, New York

10/10/2022   |   by admin

benefits of digital printing

Digital printing offers several advantages over analog printing in New Rochelle, New York. It reduces wastage, creates interactive experiences, protects brand from counterfeiting, and creates a value balance between small and large enterprises. The process is simple and requires less setup than analog printing. Its built-in color match system makes color management simpler.

Reduces wastage

Digital printing is a great way to reduce waste, especially in the packaging industry. Printing from digital files allows printers to print multiple SKUs in a single run, reducing wastage. This method also enables short-run production and customization without the need to create plates. This reduces wastage and the carbon footprint of a company.

Digital printing is also good for the environment because it reduces the amount of water required to produce each product. This means that less water is needed for pretreatment and post-processing. In addition, digital printing eliminates the need for transfer paper, which is a large component of screen printing. This means that a company can reduce its water consumption and waste while still producing high-quality products. This makes digital printing the perfect choice for those businesses trying to be more environmentally conscious.

Creates interactive experiences

Developing interactive experiences through digital printing is a great way to enhance branding materials and drive traffic to your website. Using specialized digital printing elements like QR codes, your prospects can click to visit any online destination, watch a video, or take a virtual tour of a product. Your interactive print can be tailored to your needs and goals.

Interactive print can reduce marketing costs by delivering more content from a smaller print piece. It also offers a flexible format that allows you to change the content without reprinting the campaign. It can be a powerful educational tool that positions you as a thought leader in your field.

Protects your brand against counterfeiting

A smart digital printing solution protects your brand from counterfeiting and fraud. Using industry-leading security features on one press, print providers can help you combat the counterfeiting threat. Counterfeiters have access to a growing number of counterfeit goods and are increasingly snatching up valuable brand assets. According to the Global Impacts Study, the value of counterfeit products in 2015 was more than $1 trillion.

Protecting a brand’s reputation is crucial to the health of a company’s bottom line. Even the slightest mistake can cost a business a valuable customer. Once a customer has an unpleasant experience with a company, the likelihood of them returning is practically zero. Counterfeiting products are a major threat to brand equity, as they are not held to the same standards of production or safety as original items. As a result, counterfeit products are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

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Eliminates printing plates

Eliminating printing plates from the production process is a major benefit of digital printing. This process is not only more cost-effective but can also result in more accurate image reproduction. In addition, digital printing has no printing plates to make and the ink is always ready for use. This reduces production time and increases speed.