The Benefits of Offset Printing in Harrison, NYC

07/07/2023   |   by admin
benefits of offset printing

Offset printing provides many advantages over its digital counterpart in Harrison, NYC, including higher initial setup costs but lower unit costs when producing high volumes of items.

Jobs requiring custom paper, finishes or sizes. Also provides more flexibility if Pantone matching or specific ink colors are necessary for the project.


Although digital printing offers higher quality than ever, offset remains the go-to solution for large print runs due to its superior color fidelity and ability to print on multiple materials.

Achieve high-quality printed pieces begins by first making sure the image is accurate. This can be achieved using a metal plate coated to repel oil while attract water, with areas needing ink being coated with an ink-holding substance.

Once a print is complete, it is wise to add finishing touches such as gloss or matte coatings, embossing or other special treatments to give it an expert and polished appearance. This will give your print an impressive and professional appearance.


Digital printing may be faster, but offset can’t match its speed for large jobs. While the initial set-up time of an offset job can take longer, once plates have been created the speed picks up rapidly to allow more prints in less time.

Offset lithography’s versatility makes it the ideal solution for larger projects. It works on various types of paper as well as materials like metal and plastic, while giving designers access to more Pantone colors for design possibilities.

Offset printing costs more initially, but as more is ordered they decrease rapidly – perfect for bulk orders featuring multiple colors or images that require lots of attention to detail. Over time you will save money with offset printing while also getting better-looking prints than with digital printers in less time.


Speed is of the utmost importance when printing large volumes in Harrison, NYC. Offset printing can be an immensely efficient process once setup has been completed; printing thousands of pieces quickly is especially essential for projects requiring consistency and accuracy.

Offset Lithography printing works well on rough-surface materials like wood and canvas, as well as packaging such as plastic bottles and sleeves. Furthermore, this technique offers flexible paper stock options with specialty finishes or Pantone hues that lend themselves well for printing applications.

Digital printing is not as efficient as offset printing, as each sheet of paper requires its own printing plate to print it on. This requires more time and expense compared with setting up an offset printer for each job, not to mention that electricity must be generated to heat up digital printers so the ink dries onto paper sheets.


Offset printing allows you to produce high quality prints on various types and sizes of paper, metals and other materials. It is ideal for large-scale production as well as accurate color reproduction – essential factors when trying to maintain brand images for businesses.

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Laser printing can be more cost-effective for larger print runs as it reduces cost per unit and the quality does not degrade over time. Furthermore, it may even be cheaper than digital printing for jobs requiring four colors (Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black).

Depending on your job requirements and desired color scheme, offset printing could be your ideal option. Digital printing cannot match Pantone matching precisely; however it comes close with blended inks. In addition, offset is less costly for low volume jobs while per unit costs will decrease with increasing quantities printed.